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There are several types of custody (now termed timesharing) arrangements available in Florida, and parties may agree on any arrangement that bests suits the parties and the best interests of the child(ren) even if they do not pigeonhole with the below categories of custody/timesharing. However, the Court has final approval over the parties' agreement.

  • Shared Parental Responsibility — The law in Florida presumes parents will engage in shared parental responsibility which is a term of art basically giving both parents rights to make all major decisions with regard to the child(ren). In some cases, one spouse may be awarded ultimate decision-making authority over one or more major aspect of the child(ren)'s life, but such an award must generally be requested in that spouse's pleadings. When parties have shared parental responsibility, they share an equal right to make decisions affecting the child(ren) i.e. medical, educational, religious etc. Since, absent a Court order, neither parent's decision can override the other parent, it is crucial that parents be able to communicate with each other about important decisions affecting their child(ren).
  • Majority Timesharing — Majority Timesharing means the child(ren) spend more overnights during the year with one parent versus the other parent. Parents often timeshare with one parent having more overnight time with the child(ren), but sometimes parents rotate timesharing on an equal basis.
  • Sole Custody — Sole custody may be awarded in extreme cases of abuse, abandonment or neglect.
  • Visitation/Timesharing — The visitation schedule may be agreed upon by the parties and designed to suit both parents' schedules and the needs of the child(ren). A somewhat standard visitation schedule consists of visitation with what used to be termed the non-custodial parent for one or more days or nights during the week and every other weekend. Additionally, holidays are shared and alternated and provisions made for extra visitation time during the summer and school breaks. Father's Day is generally with the Father, and Mother's Day is generally with the Mother no matter whose weekend it may be. Different visitation schedules work for different parents, and determining timesharing depends a great deal on how well parents are able to work together and communicate regarding their child(ren) as well as logistics regarding school and extracurricular activities.

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